Jewellery trends to watch for 2018


As we already find ourselves well into the first quarter of the year, many retailers will have an idea of how their ranges for 2018 will be structured. Taking a lead from Fashion Week and a host of major design houses, expect to see brands expanding on the boldness and extravagance from earlier seasons, with the likes of Dior, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana amongst those working on the premise that whilst big may be beautiful, bigger is better.

Whilst the grandeur and exuberance saw on display at SS18 may be a little too rich or ostentatious for some tastes it is almost certain that elements of it will filter down onto the high street in some form. The key messages revolve around having jewellery that makes bold statements whilst retaining as much individuality as possible.

With so many different design concepts being touted, and simply because personal tastes alone can make jewellery buying such a subjective process, there is a myriad of opinions as to what we can expect to see in the coming months. Having said that, here is a sample of some of the trends which seem to have piqued the most interest along with one or two which may not be on trend, but could well prove popular.

Asymmetrical Earrings

2018 appears to be the year where we channel our inner punk, with the industry leaning heavily towards stylised and mismatched earrings. Some of the designs are almost architectural in appearance whilst others clearly take their inspiration from art or nature. Earrings, on the whole, have been getting larger of late, with last year’s return of the oversize hoop spawning a “more is more” approach. The great thing about mismatched earrings is that they immediately allow the wearer to aspire to a degree of glamour without compromising their sense of personal identity, with the ability to opt for an entirely different style for each ear, or to pick a complementary duo where one accents the other.

Statement Earrings

One could argue that asymmetrical earrings should fall within this category, but such has been the buzz around both that they are worthy of a separate blurb. Statement earrings literally speak for themselves and many are designed to be worn without other jewellery and against relatively muted attire in order to show them at their best. These are impressive bits of design engineering with a plethora of styles and mediums employed, sometimes with outrageous results.

Bulky or heavier earrings in the past did raise the risk of damage to the earlobe, but with the use of lighter materials and modern production techniques, there is much more room for manoeuvre. The almost limitless examples available range from dramatic baroque pieces, oversized crystal drops and large chandelier earrings through to shoulder skimming fringed tassels, chunky rope designs and ornate cuffs.

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Layered Necklace

Tired of chokers? Is a single chain too quaint? The layered necklace may be the answer. Once again, variety is and individuality is very much the order of the day. You could choose to wear a simple combination of 2-3 matching necklaces of varying length for more formal occasions, or mix and match a couple of your favourite styles. Why not add a charm or two to each chain to make it even more personal?

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Grandma Glam / Glam-Ma

“Grandma Glam” is becoming something of a buzzword within fashion circles, whether you find it patronising/pretentious or it makes you chuckle there is no denying that there is an emerging market for the products the term has been attributed to. In a nutshell, these are pieces such as brooches and pins with a more retro or vintage look to them (indeed there is a huge market for vintage jewellery in itself) often these are set with crystal or pearl adornments and are generally more understated than most of those trends detailed above.

Anklets / Ankle Bracelets

Let’s all acknowledge the elephant in the room. For those of us over a certain age who still acquaint ankle bracelets with groups of revellers who wore too little and drank too much I apologise. (Years ago in the jewellery trade, there were certain retailers who utterly refused to stock such items.) However times have moved on and hopefully, much of the old snobbery has been left behind. In this vein a number of designers expect 2018 to see the rebirth of the anklet, with some championing the simple elegance of fine gold or silver chains whilst others have opted to go for more extravagant, chunky designs fashioned from all manner of materials.

…And Also

Without wishing to look too far ahead, there is an event which is almost certain to have a great deal of influence on the emerging fashions a little later this year. That event being, of course, the Royal Wedding. Meghan’s diamond trilogy ring has already inspired a variety of copycat pieces and with the eyes of the world upon them in May it is likely that a whole raft of new designs will see the light of day, influenced directly by whatever the Royal Party may favour at the time.


2018 promises to make a statement. With an eclectic mix, the emphasis is very much on jewellery with a personality that distinguishes the wearer from the crowd, whether it be an outlandish or Avante Garde ensemble, a nod to the 80’s and 90’s with a suitable millennial twist, or a contemporary take on a vintage classic.

The question is, what statement will you choose to make?

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