Wholesale jewellery is a long-established market in the UK, with retailers large and small looking for fairly priced, quality items - be they wholesale silver jewellery, wholesale fashion jewellery, delicate rose gold pieces, seasonal bestsellers, and gifts for men as well as women – to delight their customers. Here at Lila & Angelys, retailers can find all of that, and so much more.

We’ve been working in the UK gift and retail space for decades, and in jewellery exclusively since 2006, and have extensive experience of the market. This experience, combined with the collaborative approach we take with our customers, means we are constantly working to create wholesale jewellery UK ranges that both anticipate and meet demand.

L Feature - Feather

We have established two distinct brands of wholesale jewellery:

Lila: with a focus on wholesale fashion jewellery, all collections use top quality components such as fresh water pearls, genuine paua shell, or Swarovski crystal elements, whilst maintaining great prices. We have some best-selling pieces in the Lila range and would be delighted to discuss your fashion jewellery needs with you, so that we can recommend the best match for your needs ahead of you making your selection.

Angelys: in this range, we focus on wholesale jewellery with a message. One of things we’ve learnt from our more than 30 years in the gift business is that when someone gives a gift, they’re also sending a message - be it written, spoken, or implied. We wanted to help people to do this through the Angelys range, and so have created beautiful pieces of jewellery accompanied by messages, all beautifully boxed. These pieces have met with a fantastic reaction, and again, we’d be very happy to discuss your own retail needs further with you before you decide on your order.